Open a makeup trick that will help camouflage a wide forehead to look narrower.

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  Wondering how to make a wide forehead look smaller or narrower? The most popular way is to do it. Hairstyles that hide a wide forehead, such as bangs But another way that works well is makeup. Because makeup techniques can do many things. whether it makes the lips plump or make the face more slender So, of course, there are techniques that can help camouflage a wide forehead to look narrower as well. Which can do that Vogue Beauty has a good trick. Let’s leave each other here. UFABET


1. Apply blush in a position that draws attention away from the forehead.

     The first trick is to apply a bright blush to draw visual attention away from the forehead. It’s as simple as sweeping a bright blush on the cheeks, such as a pink or peach, and then slightly obliquely. It is also best to use blushes that contain shimmer or highlighters. Because the luster of the blush creates reflections on the cheeks. instead, it draws attention from the forehead to the center of the face.

2. Apply a dark foundation to create shadows on the temples and hairline.

     Another method that is very effective if you want to make your forehead appear narrower. The trick (especially when taking pictures) is to apply a dark foundation to shadow the temples and hairline. By choosing a foundation shade 5 shades darker than your natural skin tone and trying to spread the foundation as smooth and natural as possible. Finally, apply bronzer to make the effect look sharper and more dimensional. This technique not only makes the forehead look narrower. but also helps to reduce the roundness of the face as well


3. Brush the highlight in the middle of the forehead.

     Another very easy way is to apply highlighter to create a reflective light in the middle of the forehead. This can help draw attention away from a wide forehead. It is advisable to choose a highlighter with shimmer applied in the center of the forehead. (Between the eyebrows) and spread it out. Highlights can be added to the bridge of the nose to lift the face and make the bridge look more prominent. This technique will help draw the eye to the highlight. Can mask a wide forehead to look smaller


4. Brush the bronzer on the temples and along the hairline.

     The easiest way to instantly narrow your forehead is with bronzer. Bronzers are recommended to be matte and at least 3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Use a slender cheek brush and gradually. Blend around the temples and along the hairline on the forehead. This technique will focus on the structure of the face to be sharper and darker. This will make the wide forehead look smaller.


5. Add high eyebrows and make your eyes stand out.

     Use bold eye makeup to draw attention to the eyes instead of the forehead. The eye makeup, in addition to helping to divert attention, also makes the facial structure look more beautiful as well. We can make up our eyes with the colors we like. It’s just important to create an effect that makes the eyes look sharper and more dimensional. And if it’s good, you should draw your eyebrows to bend up as well. (Choose the eyebrow shape to suit the facial structure is important) in order to create a camouflage image to make the area of ​​the forehead look narrower.

6. Apply colorful lipstick

     This technique has two advantages: one is that lipstick draws attention away from a wide forehead. and attracts all eyes to the lips instead And the other thing is to make the lower half of the face look wider. which is a balance to the face itself If anyone chooses to use this method Do not forget that when focusing on lipstick with a bold color. The rest of the makeup should be lighter so that it doesn’t stand out and compete with each other until it may look too much.

     from makeup techniques to camouflage the wide forehead above It is advisable to use only one method only. Or just mix and match to suit your own facial structure. And so might as well consider cutting. Short layered hairstyles that frame the face together with this will instantly make the wide forehead look smaller.