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Juventus calls Chiesa to discuss new contract.

Juventus Club is ready to call key attacker Federico Chiesa for a new contract. After being positioned as a pillar of the team under head coach Max Allegri. A report from ‘’ said that after the summer 2023 market deadline passed. The ‘Bianconeri’ rejected all interest

Sheffield United 2 – Everton 2. 

Sheffield United a new member of the English Premier League scored their first points of the season. When they tied Everton at home 2-2 at the bottom of the table. In a game where they exchanged blows from the whistle to kick the ball out.

PSG forces Verratti to move to Qatar.

Paris Saint-Germain Club Find a way to pressure Marco Verratti. An experienced midfielder to move to join a team in the Stars League Qatar when he is not under the plans of trainer Luis Enrique Martinez. Report from ‘Le Quip’ that besides Verratti attacker Julian Draxler

Let’s see how Pok Deng is play.

Let’s see how Pok Deng is play. After knowing how to count points and different card sets. Games entrance to UFABET. Starting from all players placing bets. How much or how much depends on the table set. and must not exceed the amount specified by the dealer

Fantan what kind of bet, how to pay

Fantan what kind of bet, how to pay. For placing bets in Fantan games. We will able to place bets or predict the results of 3 types of prizes: Fantan game originally started as a game used by Chinese gamblers to kill time. The equipment is simple. It