Open 6 makeup tricks to hide fat under the chin disguise do not rely on surgery

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 Double chin under the chin or double chin is something that many people have in spite of who is not even plump but because everyone wants to have a slender, beautiful face Therefore making fat injections to reduce double chins a very popular method But that requires continuous injections. It also costs a lot of money and exchanges for pain as well. Therefore, it would be better if able to hide the double chin under the chin without resorting to surgery by using makeup techniques. Although this is a temporary solution. But it helps build more confidence. Which make-up to camouflage the wattle must be done? Vogue Beauty also has a trick for you here.

1. Contour defines the jaw line clearly.

     Since the chin lift is around the jawline, try to define the jawline clearly. to create the illusion that this area looks more toned This can be done using contour. Create a triangular (V-shaped) shape on both sides of the jaw line and blend gently downward. to create natural-looking shadows. Including having to contour the neck area as well to make the face, chin and neck harmonious

2. Make your lips stand out.

     This trick is not a cover-up. But it pulls the focus away from the chin chin. Can be done by making the lips stand out more It is advisable to choose a lipstick color that is clear and bold, such as dark red, brown or maroon (reddish brown), etc., as well as choosing to apply lip gloss that is sparkling. to help draw attention to the face instead of the fat layer under the chin

3. Add color to the cheeks and eyes to draw attention.

     Another great way to distract attention from double chin is to add color to the eyes and cheeks. For the eyes, light eye shadows can be used. For cheeks, apply blush. by sweeping obliquely up towards the eyes to highlight this area. In addition, you want to avoid wearing a shimmer that sparkles around the jawline. Because the reflective properties will draw more attention to the chin area under the chin. 

4. Choose the right texture of the product.

     To hide the double chin under the chin, bronzer or dark stick contours are suitable for creating shadows under the jaw line. By not forgetting to always use products that are matte. Because it will help create shadows and camouflage the wattle naturally. Keep in mind that products with shimmer that create a glow are to be avoided. because the reflected light will highlight the double chin under the chin even more 

5. Choose the right color shade.

     Shade plays a very important role in disguising the double chin. Therefore, another tip that should not be overlooked is to choose the right color tone for makeup. The contour will create the structure of the face. to use darker shades to highlight the shadows It is recommended to choose a contour two shades darker. And must be blended smoothly if you don’t want to have unnatural blemishes.

6. Blending is key

     If you want the shadows created to look fake. Remember that blending is required to be smooth and seamless. to look as natural as possible This can be done by creating a contour line. and blend from the chin to the middle of the neck The shadow needs to be deeper than the sides of the neck and jaw. It is recommended to use a blending brush or makeup sponge In blending will help get the best results. The UFABET report