5 mascaras that girls love. Guarantee that it’s really good!

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  A frustrating problem that is difficult to solve during the day is the mascara flowing so that it changes women. To become a panda, so many girls are eager and looking for a mascara that won’t betray us over time. and Vogue Beauty collects mascara that meets the needs Create bouncy lashes without the panda effect, even after the day is over.


Korean mascara that comes in a sweet pink package. but divine talent. Because the brand claims that it is waterproof, sweatproof, lasts from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.! There are two formulas to choose from: Long & Curl and Volume & Curl. Each with a different brush head design for different results. In addition, real users also secretly whispered that this is a mascara that makes the eyelashes line up beautifully without clumping. Forget about pandas because there isn’t even a black stain. Plus, it dries so quickly that it’s the number 1 in my heart ever.

CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara

Another Korean brand that has been active in the cosmetic industry for over 30 years. Will bounce all day long without the problem of a panda-like sheen. Because the brand has developed this waterproof mascara that doesn’t look greasy even on the eyelids. This one is made with the consideration of perfect adhesion to the eyelashes, not clumping. To get naturally curled eyelashes. There are 3 formulas to choose from: Long Curling Formula, Volume Curling Formula and Extreme Curling Formula to meet different eyelash needs for each individual.


Although many girls started to try it because of Lisa from BLACKPINK, but the feedback after use is excellent. Because everyone poured their hearts into this waterproof mascara. Many voices guarantee that it lasts all day until you don’t have to worry about the oiliness. In addition, the brand also developed the texture of the mascara to be a light gel. So that girls don’t feel heavy and don’t clump when brushing. Plus a rugby-shaped brush head that makes it easy to brush. Add volume to eyelashes Therefore, it is not surprising that anyone who has tried it will fall in love and buy the next stick. Girls can choose to use black for a sharp, sleek look or use brown for a sweet, cute look.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Style Up Lash Mascara

Another brand that has tried and must love no matter what makeup item it is. Including mascara The name of the brand ensures quality that can be called on the cover. With a specially designed formula that gives natural C-shaped curls and lifts the lashes for a beautiful bounce. line up without falling Makes the eyes look big and mesmerizing In terms of durability, it is considered inferior to anyone. With waterproof and sweat-proof properties, it is confident that it will last a long time until you will never encounter a panda eye incident again.

Clinique Lash Power Curling Mascara

Although known for skin care, mascara is not inferior. Especially in terms of durability that girls Most of them are ranked number one. Not only does it not run during the day because of oily eyelids But even if artificial tears were dropped, it still wouldn’t flow. Not a stain either In addition, with a slender brush head and small bristles, it can be applied naturally without looking deceiving, and also creates noticeable curled, beautiful, bouncy and long eyelashes. Most importantly, it has passed the test from an ophthalmologist, so girls who wear contact lenses can use it with peace of mind.

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