Fulham – Mitrovic again on a mission to survive

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Fulham – Mitrovic again on a mission to survive

Alexandra Mitrovic (28, contract until mid 2026 with Fulham) scored a second hat-trick of his life for Serbia in the most recent game against Sweden. But it was his first. Official game tricks After his first appearance in a friendly against Bolivia, he held on as the country’s top scorer with 74 games, 49 goals.

Serbia is in the process of developing football. After this country has separate many times. And the last time they split from Montenegro was in 2006 onwards, although they haven’t played at a Euros tournament in the last 16 years, but at the World Cup they have. Finalists 3 of the last 4 times, including at the end of this year, will have them shining brightly.

Under the work of Dragan Stojkovic, a former famous midfielder in the era that was still Yugoslavia. And was a member of Arsene Wenger’s team for a while playing football in the J-League with Nagoya Grampus et Serbia, the 57-year-old coach has also performed well. 

They have played 19 games, 12 wins, 4 draws, 3 losses and ready for the World Cup final. While the Nations League is doing well and has an important game in the final against Norway. That they will promote to play in League A or not in the next season.

Mitrovic This name has been familiar to football fans for almost a decade. A young boy who is lucky in football. With playing with both Partizan Belgrade and Newcastle United, two teams he has supported since childhood. came to make a name in England. When choosing to play with Newcastle, as well as Alan Shearer, his idol has played before. 

Unfortunately, it was his time at 21 when he moved in. It’s a little bit Despite love by fans. But in the end, with the work with “hot heads” during adolescence. That made him get fire and unable control his emotions. He was eventually drop by Rafael Benitez willing to play rather than sit on the sidelines. In January 2018. He was demote to the Championship with Fulham. Even returning to the Premier League. League with him finally signed a buyout.

2022-2023 becomes another important opportunity for this club. A club that brings together players who want the opportunity to prove their worth. And their own standards with the Premier League. The league that is known as one of the hardest to play in football.