Let’s see how Pok Deng is play.

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Let’s see how Pok Deng is play. After knowing how to count points and different card sets. Games entrance to UFABET.

  1. Starting from all players placing bets. How much or how much depends on the table set. and must not exceed the amount specified by the dealer
  2. The dealer then shuffles the cards and deals one card to each player each. Then the dealer is the last person to deal. Before the second card is dealt again.
  3. After receiving 2 cards, everyone will combine the card points in their hand first.
  4. If the player has a total of 8 or 9 points. The card must turn over immediately. Because it is consider That Pok 9 is the largest card and Pok 8 is the secondary card.

To measure card points, the player must only measure with the dealer. divided into 2 cases:

  1. If the dealer gets a poker card
  • If the player is Poked lower than the dealer or not Poke consider a loser and have to lose the bet
  • If the player gets the same amount as the banker. It is consider a draw and the bet will not be lost. And will not eat the bets of the dealer.
  • If the player has more Poks than the banker, it is considered a win. The banker must pay the winnings to the player.
  1. If the dealer does not have a poker card
  • All players can call a 3rd card, or not call if they think their hand is high enough to face the dealer.
  • If the dealer does not call more cards Able to turn over the card to measure the score with the player.
  • If the player’s side has more total points. It is consider a win and receives the prize money from the dealer.
  • If the player’s side has the same points as the banker. It is consider a draw, no bet and no bet is lost.
  • If the player’s side has less points. It is consider losing and the bet must lost to the banker.

How are you doing with the way to play Pok Deng that we have to leave each other? For me, it’s not too difficult for us to understand. The way to play is simple, just collect points. If the dealer doesn’t poke, they can call more cards. Whoever has higher scores wins. Whoever gets extra points, multiply the payout rate. for playing in Online casinos are the same. But the hard thing is to have the discipline to play. just play for fun It’s not that it’s been sitting for too long. Otherwise, you will definitely get spoile at the end.