Three card game details

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Three card game details

The style of the game. Three piles of cards , each player gets a total of 13 cards as mentioned in the beginning of the article. In which the player must bring all 13 cards and arrange them into three piles. arranged from the top to the bottom in which the top pile will have 3 cards and the other two piles will have 5 cards each, 3-5-5 to decide each pile of cards between the players Will use the card sorting criteria that are based on poker cards. Which will explain later see Study here UFABET

How to play three piles of cards

After knowing the details about the game briefly. Then let’s see how to play this game. Which will base on Star Vegas app that is available to play

1. The priority of the 3 piles of cards
How we will arrange the cards. We must first know which piles should be best arrange. Which affects the defeat of the foul in the real game. non online
Which the largest card arrangement must be arrange. At the bottom card pile first After that. Gradually organize the center. Then stack them on remaining 3 cards.

In the form of an online game. In addition placement itself. We can choose What type of cards will play on which pile? Which the system has to choose to sort automatically, namely

Pair , Two Pair , Three of A Kind , Straight , Flush , Full House , Four of A Kind , Straight Flush

playing some form It may leave the cards that are risky to win in other piles. It is not always necessary to arrange the best cards from the bottom pile. Because sometimes only win one pile. But lose to the other cards.

2. Determination of the result of losing or winning
The order in which to decide the result of losing or winning will start from the pile. At the bottom first. Because it consider biggest card. There will conditions that allow additional points to be earn. Which the said score will multiplie with the bet amount to deduct points from other players again. Let’s look at each condition.

2.1 Straight Flush Lower Set Will get an additional 5 points from 1 point to become 6 points
2.2 Static flush medium set will receive an additional 5 points from 1 point to become 6 points
2.3 lower four-card set will get an additional 4 points from 1 point to become 5 points
2.4 medium four card will get an additional 4 points from 1 point to become 5 points
2.5 the top set will get an additional 3 points from 1 point to become 4 points
2.6 winning all 3 piles will get an additional 3 points