Techniques, formulas, how to play roulette to make money

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Techniques, formulas, how to play roulette to make money.

Roulette formula is  a game that pays a lot. Because the chances of being relatively low But today we have another tip. That allows gamblers to make money from playing. Because playing roulette is a game that is quite difficult to predict. There is no clear format like the game of Baccarat. But there are techniques, there are  formulas to bet on roulette. To help win the game Depending on the experience of the players themselves as well for  the formula for playing roulette at UFABET. This is obtain from a professional gambler.

Play James Bond Roulette Strategy

This strategy requires you to invest 2,000 baht only by dividing the bet as follows: High bet (numbers 19 – 36) 1,400 baht, Hunchback 6 numbers (13-18) 500 baht. Finally, it is center at 100 baht. This will increase your chances of winning. by spreading the risks

  • If the steel ball falls on the numbers 19 – 36, you will make a profit of 800 baht, if it falls on the number 13 – 18, you will make a profit of 100 baht, and if it falls to zero You will get a profit of 1600 baht.
  • The only way you will lose is that it falls at the number 1 – 12, which means that it’s all gone. 2,000 baht. In this case, it will have to withdraw the capital by the Martingale Strategy method instead.

Stab only the edge of the table. 

Granted, it’s not as much as the middle of the table, but if you try to bet  on Red/Black, Over/Under or Even/Odd,  you have a bigger chance of have more

  • The dealer’s disadvantage rate is the same. But your chances of winning will be less than 50% (because of 0 or 00). However, the chance that you bet on 00-0-1-2-3 (first 5 numbers) and it will consider impossible
  • So don’t bet on these 5
  • Both outside bets are good as well, such as red and odd numbers. This will cover a bit, good or bad, will get two bounces  separately

Martingale Strategy

  • For example, assuming that the red bet is 500 baht, but the steel ball is pushed into the black hole. The next turn lets you stab red as usual, but increase it to 1,000 baht so that you can withdraw your capital. and make some profit If it’s still down to black I’ll give you one more. This time it became a red stab at 2,000 baht. Keep doing this. Until the steel ball falls at the red channel (don’t be afraid, it will definitely fall), you will get your lost money back. Get more profit
  • Start betting from the minimum amount of the table. But now some tables are limited as well. that can stab as much as possible Like. This careful to hit the ceiling before you can withdraw your capital.
  • This play strategy It is reserved for people with heavy luggage only.